Albums A Day

Albums A Day

AADs is a term coined by Tom7. He made it a challenge where basically you get 24 hours to record an album, where that album is a collection of songs, that is at least 20 minutes long.

Here is my collection that I recorded between 2002 and 2008. I am very thankful for Tom7s idea, because it got me really started songwriting. That said, having a short deadline like that inevitably will cause some bad songs being recorded. These AADs contain quite a lot of those. I made a selection of what I think are the best ones, but here you'll find the complete set of albums and songs.

aad1 - Requiem for the Western World

My first ever Album a Day, recorded somewhere in 2002. The song Someone Else's Goldfish was later included in my band The Noble Spirit's setlist, and even used as the titlesong of an ep we made. In The End is another favorite off this album, but you can really hear it was a first, and I remember spending a lot of time getting my recording setup to work.

aad2 - An Automatic One

Recorded the evening after aad1. I recorded a few of these tracks while completely improvising the lyrics, which method works sometimes and sometimes not. It's got a few of my favorite little ditties, though they are not very suited for playing live.

aad3 - 3rd

I had a Yamaha FX processor which I tried out on a few songs, which resulted in some of my more experimental songs. Again this aad yielded a song to be included in my band's setlist: Tear It Down, about the demolition of whole blocks in our neighborhood.

aad4 - Cheap Mics

This album was kinda hard to make, and I almost didn't finish it because I didn't like the way some songs turned out. But I didn't quit, and there are some nice ideas on it though. Goodbye to Thrills is my favorite song on here, about one vacation on my own to France.

aad5 - Bossano

Started out as a Doppelganger Album a Day, being an album using the titles of an album by another artist that you didn't hear yet. I chose the Pixies' Bossanova, but couldn't come up with songs for all titles. So I finished it as a regular aad and shortened the title.

aad6 - Ain't It So

Another unfinished doppelganger, this time for Hallo Venray's album Merry Go Round. Drunk Again has become one of my staple songs, and there are some others on it waiting to be fleshed out and arranged to be played by a band.

aad7 - Sink

I had some problems with to high outputs on the mics here; frustrated I played the first two songs extra loud on purpose. Though you'd better skip song one, this is still one of my favorite AADs, with Older but not Wiser the song we currently play in our band.

aad8 - After the Flood

Again, output problems. But some songs on here that we still play. It was recorded very short after aad7 - sink, to the point that I cannot remember which song was on what album. Aad8 features the longest song I ever wrote, Home with You, which clocks in at 6:15.

aad9 - Silence

I gotta say, I recorded this album and then never listened to it anymore. I remember I was dissatisfied with all songs on it, except maybe the song Build which I wrote for my son Thomas, who was 3 years old at the time.


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